Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Never Get Enough

Feeling a bit of healthy competition I thought I would try for the moon tonight, since it is absolutely perfect viewing.

I took about 30 pictures but my 2X barlow, while good means that the moon will not exactly fit onto my camera sensor.  Luckily Photoshop has the automate feature which stuck these twon together withouy me having to align anything, think I'll try a mosaic next!!

This clearly shows Mare Imbrium towards the top and Tycho at the bottom. The picture is a bit washed out because a) it was taken as a jpeg, b) it was taken in Mono c) it was taken at 1000ISO 1/250sec.  This was due to the fact I hadn't changed the settings from last time!

Next is almost the same image taken in RAW, stitched and converted jpeg.

Notice the redness creeping in along the line of termination.  This is something I need to work on in my processing.

Finally we have the Mare Imbrium with Sinus Iridum on the left hand side, Pinto at the top and the Apennines on the right of the sea.

 The three craters toward the Apennines are Archimedes (the larger lower one), Autolycus (small middle) and Anstillus at the top.  And finally the crater at the bottom of the mountain range is Eralosthenes.

A fine evening in all.


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