Sunday, October 19, 2014

A New Season

It's  plain to see that my esteemed partner and fellow blogger has hit the ground running with his goto motors and has taken some incredible pictures which have been posted below.This blog clearly demonstrates the huge improvement we've made in the last 5 years and the kit needed to do it.

Well at the start of my new astronomy season I decided to improve my equipment with the purchase of a Skywatcher EQ5 and Polar alignment scope.  I needed something to ensure I wasn't getting movement in my images due to terrestrial issues IE wind, a gentle nudge here and there so a larger mount seems to be the next step.

Unless you have a big, fat wad of cash listed "Astronomy Spendo" equipment has to be bought in increments, such as you buy a new mount first (bigger than you need) so that a new telescope can be bought at a later date without it being too shonky on your existing tripod.  In other words I have a mount far and away bigger than I need for purely visual work but for serious astrophotography this is almost entry level.  I'm not expecting vast improvements as the Goto / Syncscan motors needed are another £300 but it should make a difference.

Here you can see the difference in size between an EQ2 and an EQ 5 mount.  Bigger than I thought!!

As always, watch this space.


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