Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The game is a foot ....

OK, so more Moon I know, but what a Moon it is with a bit of The Belt of Venus thrown in ....

Belt of Venus

Mare Imbrium. Sinus Iridum (top left with the Montes Jura), Plato (top right), Eratosthenes (bottom - and bottom of the Montes Apenninus), Archimedes (centre right) moving more right to Autolycus (bottom) and Aristillus (top).
Cassini lies at the bottom end of the Montes Apenninus.
The Russian probe Luna 2 landed to the left of Autolycus.
Luna 17 landed below and to the left of Sinus Iridum.
Apollo 15 landed on Rima Hadley which is to the "top" of the Montes Apenninus in the darker area.


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