Saturday, March 08, 2014

Still Here!

After a month or more of cloud cover during all the optimum night viewing times the skies have eventually cleared over the last day or two.

I've been roaming the skies rather than constantly trying to take pictures.  With my new eyepieces I had a great view of the Orion Nebula (tried to take a picture but still suffered from movement) and Orion in general.

The moon has looked great for the last week and viewing it last night using my #21 orange filter was an absolute joy.  I have found this only works best when the moon is at least half full as it does take away a lot of light but the extra detail it brings is amazing.  I have tried to capture this but due to different exposure settings needed and extra focusing tweaks I haven't quite got it set up to use as an aid to astrophtotography.

I have included a picture from Monday 3rd March 2014 when the moon was in it's first quarter.


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