Sunday, December 22, 2013

Venus (at last!)

I had my first proper view of Venus ever yesterday evening and it was awesome.
We went to ALs house for the Constellations and Coffee Christmas bash and it was awesome! That aside AL set up his most recent purchase - a SkyWatcher 130PDS, and what a scope it is!
A 5.1in parabolic reflector with 650mm focal length and 2in Crayford focuser. It comes with a 2in 28mm eyepiece - this is superb (giving 23x).
We used this to catch a glimpse of Venus in the South-West about 4:30pm (ish). It was in crescent and what a sight it was. The crescent shape seems much "harsher" than when you see the moon in crescent and looked incredible - sharp and close in the 2in eyepiece.
This will definitely be one for the memoirs.

Thanks AL.


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