Thursday, December 05, 2013

Jupiter Stack

Well, I finally learnt the basics of stacking.

Reading posts on Stargazers Lounge and having a slightly better understanding of what was required I set about loading PIPP;
This is free software that takes movies, separates them in to single shots and centres the image so that when you load them in to Registax you can stack only the best frames into one picture.  Now I have only ever taken videos to show friends how fast thinks move through the eyepiece but no I have a purpose!!

The above is a result of 204 frames stacked together.  The original video was 416 frames so only the best were picked.  As MJ pointed out the other day I'm not sure whether this is the correct orientation of the planet or not however I will check that out later.  I have also not messed with any of the wavelets nor done any processing after the image comes out of Registax.  Once I'm more au fait with it all I will post a tutorial but until then I shall wait for clearer skies so I can try again.


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