Saturday, November 23, 2013

Practice Shots 2

I thought I'd keep updating the blog as knowing that they're may be an audience will keep me on my toes.

Last nights moon came up later and was still quite close to the horizon when I took this shot.
 I tried numerous methods to get rid of the movement in my picture.  The RA motor works a little but in the end I just reduced the exposure time to 1.6".  Unfortunately I still have movement but I think the main stars of the Pleiades are evident.
Finally I tried for Jupiter.  I'm particularly happy with shot because it is only slightly worse than my best shots with my old set up AND the photograph was taken using just the 3X barlow with no eyepiece.  Once I can get my hands on a better ep with a t-thread, which will take the need for a projection kit out of the equation I should get better results.
I would note that all these shots were taken pre 10pm and as such the objects (other than the Pleiades) were quite/very low in the sky.  I'm hoping my patience, or tolerance for staying up longer increases as the month / year progresses and as such the picture quality should improve.


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