Friday, November 15, 2013

A New Scope

I purchased a Skywatcher 150P DS as it was slightly bigger than my old refractor.  Being a reflector I had no real idea what to expect as I hadn't used one before.

So I set it up and waited for a clear night.

A clear night came and I had the best view of Andromeda I have ever had.  Stars seemed slightly clearer and there was definitely more detail.  But me being me wanted to image all of this.  I won't go into detail but reflectors are renowned for their afocal focussing troubles. Never the less I thought I was up for a challenge.
The resulting nights saw me getting more and more frustrated until last night I found that the eye piece was loose so I checked it and found that the 2" to 1.25" adapter was in two sections.  So I unscrewed them and found I could screw my camera directly on the scope using the T-ring.

So these are my first "real" pictures.  Not much but a starting point.

 The Moon was nearly full and very bright, 91.71% luminosity and 240,393 miles away to be precise.  But it is still a moon picture.
 This is a streaky picture of Mirphak. It was windy, it was the only bright star not obscured by cloud and I wanted to try it out.  You can see the vaning on the star which is produced by the web holding the upper mirror in place.

Anyways, lets call this day one with the new scope and I'll hopefully be able to improve on the above.


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