Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Good Night

Last night, 27th November, was the clearest night in the Sheffield skies for a long time.  Unfortunately clear nights doesn't always equate to good seeing and although it looked clear it was actually quite damp.  Jupiter looked great at about 30% in the North East and I also got my first glimpse of Betelguese in the South East.  There were even wisps and I mean wisps of the Milky Way.  Anyways I decided to try using the camera with the eyepiece projector on.  That is the a 15mm eyepiece in a 3X barlow giving me 129X mag.  Now I know I should stay away from planetary imaging and leave it to the big boys but when something is as bright as Jupiter it's just asking for a photo.

I'd be lying if I said I'd not try to touch these up but the truth is I don't know how.  Registax won't read the video I took and the image is that small that anything done in Lightroom blocks out the whole image.
 Olympus PEN EPL1 1/5 second 250 ISO  (129X mag)

The one thing I did do last night was align my finderscope correctly and this solved a lot of frustrating issues when working at this magnitude, the RA motor also did it's job.  Not the best image but it is 411 million miles away from a slightly damp Sheffield!


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