Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baker Street Irregular Astronomers (BSIA)

Whilst on a course in London last week I was fortunate enough to meet up with the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers (http://bakerstreetastro.org.uk/ | https://twitter.com/BakerStAstro). They hold regular meetings in Regent's Park (at The Hub) with the aim of promoting astronomy in an urban setting and dispelling the myth that you cannot do any "serious" astronomy in a town/city.

Well, I can say that from my few hours spent with them the myth is certainly dispelled!
It was a lovely clear(ish) night and there was some light pollution evident with a 3/4 moon as well!
Pah!! No problem for these guys. I saw my first view of Uranus through two rather impressive instruments - one Schmidt Cassegrain and the other a large refractor with ease. I helped a couple find M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) in a 4in Mak and took a peek at Mizar and Alcor - the famous "double, double" in a reflector.

The range of instruments (and knowledge) present was very impressive and all brought in by the regular members themselves.

If you are ever in London when these meetings take place (check website) then visit them at all costs.
A thoroughly nice bunch of people.


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