Monday, November 05, 2012

Remember, Remember........

Being a clear night I thought I would try for some more experimental photographs.

I still can't find infinity using my adapter/ eyepiece combo so thought I'd try some plain afocal shots using the camera as a 500mm f5 lens.  Unfortunately I didn't take the pictures in RAW so was unable to edit them as much.

This is what I got;
Jupiter with the Galilean Moons - Exposure 1/5 Second (From L-R Calisto, Ganymede, Io & Europa - though don't quote me on that!)
 Above is Jupiter (Exposure 1/640 sec ISO 400.  Now bear in mind I had no eyepiece so I have zoomed the backside out of this but I'm sure there are cloud bands visible!
And finally
The Pleiades. Exposue 2.5 secs ISO 640. I did take a shot of this a couple of years back so this is just a marker for me.  There is a little movement which may be the tripod or exposure time, I'm guessing it was movement.

Apart from all the fireworks going off it was a great sky tonight and not too cold.  Hopefully we'll have many more!


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