Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ahhhhh Andromeda ....

So Al has produced a superb shot of Jupiter from his back garden. Not one to sit on my laurels I stepped-up to the plate. One of my personal favourites is M31 (The Andromeda Galaxy). I've tried to get this before but I was convinced that I could do better .... and how right I was! It was a very cold evening on Saturday (17th Nov) and the sky was superb.
Auriga, Jupiter, Taurus and Orion just starting to make it's way now - signalling (at least to me) the coming of winter, to name a few.

Here we have M31. Nikon D40 35mm f/1.8 ISO800 15sec.
And M45 (with Jupiter and Taurus). Nikon D40 35mm f/1.8 ISO400 8sec.

These images are the basic jpegs from the camera. I also shot in RAW but I could not get them any better in my image manipulation programs. So maybe that's a lesson learnt?
Happy viewing.


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