Friday, September 07, 2012

Ah, Those Barmy Late Summer Nights

After two blogs of pictures you can tell that I'm venturing back into the garden after dark.

I've taken 100's of shots as I practice with my new camera.  You'd think having a nice DSLR and scope would equal great pictures but no, I'm finding out it is a great skill and one which needs lot's of practice.

Anyways, it's great being back outside and getting reacquainted with all the old sights.  Vega has looked amazing, almost straight up and Arcturus has lit up the Western Skies (I think) but the stars that most tell me what time of year it is are the ones that make up the Plough.  So recognisable I can chart the year by it's position relative to my garden.

Early September is when it's at it's most recognisable (see above) but slowly it tips around the bottom of the pan and the handle becomes a nocturnal sundial of sorts.  You can also see the optical "double" stars Mizar and Alcor clearly on my picture above (2nd star of the handle).
(Picture: f5.6 Esp 20sec ISO 400)

Hopefully this is a start of new regular blogs and as MJ has purchased new equipment too there should be a plethora of amateur pictures!


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