Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Camera, New Lessons

In April of this year I purchased an Olympus E PL1, a micro four thirds camera for holiday snaps and better astrophotography.  Yes, I'd read reports about the amount of noise micro four thirds can generate while taking dark shots but it's only a hobby right, let's not get too anal, I'm an amateur.

So, 5 months later I finally get a chance to try it out, almost 2 years to the day when I tried my first attempts at astrophotography using a compact and vice-like adapter.

The shots below were taken using a 15mm eye piece and Revelation afocal adapter.

All the shots are out of focus but the subject matter is clear.  On close inspection I think the "blur" is down to movement, so that's the first thing I'll practise! 

Incidentally my first shots, 2 years ago (see 2010 posts) are also poor but had improved greatly within a month.

Looking out of the window it looks like we have the same moon tonight so I'll be back out agin!