Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An outstanding evening

So last night I decided to use the binoculars (12x50) and take a few shots with the camera. This has to be one of the best sessions i've had and really shows the need for a good pair of binos for that "quick-look" session or even the all-nighter!
I was so impressed by the rich wide-field views I got I may even invest in a larger pair soon. I got to see nebula and star clusters that I have never seen - although my naked eye observing has improved the more I go outside and learn the night sky as well.
Worthy objects are:
The open clusters M37 (Mag 5.6), M36 (Mag 6.0) and M38 (Mag 6.4) - these "jumped-out" in the binos
Orion Nebula M42
Pleiades M45 - a really good sight above the crescent moon and Venus
The double-double of Alcor and Mizar in the Great Bear.
Of course the planet favourites as well - Venus, Jupiter (now setting late evening), Saturn (now rising late evening) and Mars.

This night more than most has really re-invigorated my interest in Astronomy (not that it needed it), but really highlights that fact that you really do not need more than a pair of £20 binoculars to really enjoy the sky. I think I might have mentioned that before?! ;)



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