Friday, December 03, 2010

What a sight!

The early morning sky this morning was something to behold.

Around 6.45am, looking almost due South, The moon was a perfect crescent, Venus was shining brilliantly above it, which was also a crescent, and then hovering a short way above that was Saturn.

Regardless of being unable to get my telescope out, due to the snow, I have neither the scope or the camera to capture such an image. The fact that the morning air was so clear just added to the spectacle. The Dawn sky tends to have just one feature for me, Venus, so to have the crescent moon and Saturn as well was fantastic. Spica was also visible but not quite as impressive.

I'm unsure as to when this alignment will happen again (Venus and Saturn will be there but I don't know about the moon) so it was a shame I wasn't able to photograph it but it's something that I'll remember for a while. I called my partner and 2yr old to see it as well and both were suitably impressed.

As mentioned in earlier posts, taking pictures of what we see is a great aid to our layman descriptions but sometimes it's not feasible. The best way to see what it looks like is to see for yourself!

Keep looking up!