Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chilly .... I said chilly ....

OK, so no picture this time, but it was such a good night on Saturday (27th Nov.) that I just had to get the scope out. Things of interest were: Jupiter - still no southern equatorial band and no red spot when I viewed it (typical!) but four moons. M45 was splendid and clear. Orion nebula (M42) was really good - and I got this through a tree almost on the horizon - the air was soooo crisp! Then I was getting cold and my wife came for a look, so swung over to the Andromeda Galaxy M31 - what a sight that was - absolutely splendid!
All observations through 4in. Mak using low to medium power (no barlow).


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yesterday's Moon

Here we have the Moon at approx. 4pm on 15th Nov 2010. It was still daylight and the moon looked superb with Jupiter just to the south-east.
The air was really cold and crisp.
Taken with Nikon D40 at prime focus using Celestron 80mm Wide View with 400mm focal length. f/5 1/320sec. ISO 200. Light metering is centre weighted.