Thursday, October 07, 2010

The new scope

So, as it was the first clear(ish) night for a while I thought i'd give it half an hour and check out my new scope.
I had to set up low down in my decked area so that I could best avoid street light glare and also someone's security light! (Turn the damn thing off when you're at home!).
The scope is a 102mm (4in) Mak. I stuck to a low power - 52x, so to maintain a wide field.
Well I am soooooo impressed by the new scope. Checked out Jupiter - only Northern band visible still and the Red Spot not in transit.
All four Galilean moons were clearly visible. Then I swung east to the Andromeda Galaxy M31. This never ceases to amaze me. The central "bulge" clearly visible.
I then went on a hunt for Comet Hartley, but couldn't find it. What I did observe was the Double Cluster just South-South East of Cassiopeia - a lovely sight.


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