Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Moon, 11 days Old

Apologies to those who are bored with moon pictures but I thought it would be a good comparison to show the moon just two days apart.

When these shots were taken, 19-11-2010, the moon was 11.77 days old and 251.601 miles away. It was also at 90% illumination so features like Tycho, where as they are just visible in the pictures below are rendered almost flat when viewed face on. Depending on the skys tomorrow I will try and get a shot of this again as Crater Schickard looks very impressive if the light is right.

Finally, as more of the surface is revealed what were prominent features before start to look flat as you view them "face on". However Crater Copernicus, 2/3rds up on the right hand side above Tycho, looks impressive with it's ejecta clearly showing as opposed to the picture of the moon at 9 days old where it looks like any of the other craters, all be it deeper.


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