Friday, October 01, 2010


Just thought that I would give a little background as to my interest in all things Astronomical.
It was Christmas 1981, I was 10 and was given a 3” reflector as my “main” present. At the time it was the best thing ever (I now know it was really a “toy” scope). Never the less, it opened up a whole new interest for me – I could always get a good view of the main points of interest – The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Orion and Halley’s Comet. I also used my Dad’s 10x50 binoculars masking-taped to his old Velbon tripod!
I joined the local Astronomy Society but even at that young age realised it was run more like a Gentlemen’s Club (and still is to this day as far as I can see – what a shame). This whetted my appetite even more as we did at least get to use the 18” reflector that they had in a dome, my main memory being that of seeing Saturn just sat there in the heavens.
The rest is history really and I have gone in and out of my interest for years, but recently (with my very close family friend who I share this blog with) I have become more and more “into” it. I think to some extent fuelled by recent events and personalities – The International Space Station, TV programmes like Wonders, Prof. Brain Cox and of course Patrick Moore and Brian May (eh?!) – You know, bushy haired guitarist with Queen – he’s a scientist!


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