Monday, October 18, 2010

The Moon, 9 days old

The last 2 weeks have not been much good for spotting anything other than cloud but last night, 17-10-10 the cloud parted and the stars were back.

These are my latest, and in my mind, best pictures.

The moon was 9 days old and approx 245,000 miles away, it was also at 75% of it's full brightness so the views in the scope were quite clear

The top picture shows an untouched picture of La Luna in all it's glory.

The middle shot is a close up, using a 10mm eyepiece and clearly shows Crater Bossingault, which is 131km in diameter & Crater Boguslawsy which is 97km diameter toward the bottom of the picture and Piccolomini at 88km diameter at the top of the two deeper craters toward the termination line.

Excuse the artistic license on the last shot but by rotating the image you get a more "Apollo" view. I'd seen this done on other sites & thought I'd give it a try..


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