Friday, September 24, 2010

We are there!

At last!

After cloudy nights for almost a month tonight gave us a glimpse of what to expect this Autumn/Winter. Not the best of nights for anything but the moon to the south, but was good to get out in the chilly air and try the new scope out properly for the first time. (I have "misplaced" my camera remote so had a little trouble getting the images stable enough). The image of the moon here really shows you the ejecta over some of the larger crater floors, but also from the craters themselves - crater Tycho is very prominent. Jupiter was splendid in the scope with the main cloud bands clearly visible. The image here shows Ganymede, Callisto and Europa - Io had just set behind as I got the camera ready!
So, I guess we've done it. Our patience has paid off and we look forward to further posts.


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